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- PART 1

A collection of photos taken at the The Scott Sutherland Project - 1 Sept 2023, Cheltenham - courtesy of Nick Collins

The sixth commemorative plaque in the Commando Memorial Heritage Trail was unveiled on Friday the 1st of September 2023.

The plaque was mounted on the external wall of the old boardroom of H.H. Martyn & Co.

Martyn’s operated the huge engineering works at Sunningend in Cheltenham where Scott Sutherland's iconic Commando Memorial was cast.

The old boardroom is one of the last remaining building and still in use as an office.

The plaque was unveiled by Frank, the seven year old great grandson of Scott Sutherland. Also in attendance was Scott's son and other members of the Sutherland family.

Royal Marines Reserves from Bristol will be supporting the event and members of the Commando Association, the Royal Marines Association also joined the project committee members on this special day. Other commandos in attendance included Cdo RE and a PTI who'd worked with 59 & 24 Cdo RE.

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